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Made in Philadelphia


I am Emani outterbridge a 23 year old female and the creator and founder of "ManiwearByMani" a crochet fashion line that's based in Philly. I like to use the slogan " I turned a piece of string into my dream" because at the tender age of 12 I was put in a situation where all I could do is crochet, I use to think that obstacle in my life was a mistake, but I now know that it was meant to happen so I can find my passion in life which is crocheting. It is assumed that success is an easy path but it really isn't. That same  turmoil I faced at a young age, became my  focal point. I knew it was a sign from God to take what he has blessed me with and contribute something special, something beautiful to the world because in reality nothing happens by an accident everything happens. It was meant for me! I had to simply believe in myself as well as God, when nobody else seen what I wanted to do. I started my business at 15 after taking a required entrepreneur class at Parkway West. There was only 30 kids selected for that course, and I was 1 of the 30, and was one of the 5 finalist that could potentially reserve a sponsorship from that entrepreneurship class.. ( Again a sign from God). I first started out with hair accessories and expanding to clothing  a couple months later. Here it is 9 years ago after I learned how to crochet, 6 years after I started a business, and "ManiwearByMani" is still flourishing tremendously. It definitely wasn't an easy road, but I believed in myself and my talents and for those reasons god has blessed me with something so special that sets me and my brand aside from everyone else.


Meet Mani

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